Replacement Keycap Key Cap &Scissor Clip&Hinge For Thinkpad Lenovo X1 Yoga Carbon 4th 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 Keyboard New Original Shell Palmrest Upper Case With Icelandic Backlit for 3rd Gen Laptop C Cover SP/ES Spain backlight keyboard ThinkPad 5th CS13T-GR Spanish laptop backlit keyboards 00HW849 with Swiss 01LX810 new 2nd cover US Palm rest touchpad 04x6524 FOR THINKPAD helix X1H 3 generation 50.4ww21.002 LCD cable screen line built-in Genuine L18C4P71 L18M4P72 L18L4P72 Battery 2019 7th 02DL004 005 02DL006 SB10K97642 643 644 UGB genuine Helix Tablet 45N1101 45N110 MDPOWER LENOVO Notebook power supply AC adapter charger cord 20V 4.5A Ac Adapter Charger 3444CWU 3448 3444-CUU Series,G710 G700 M5400 motherboard i5-8350U 16G 01YN207 Power E431 E531 S431 T440s T440 X230s X240 X240s G410 G500 G505 3.25A 65W 30pc X280 X390 T490 T495 T480S 6th DC Jack USB Type Charging Port Connector 20HR 20HQ Motherboard Mainboard i7 i7-7600U CPU 16GB 01AY073 00UP983 00HN769 mainboard I7-4600U 8G lenovo X1C carbon LMQ-1 MB 12298-2 48.4LY06.021 fan i7-6600U 01AX823 X100e DAFL3BMB8E0 75Y4064 11.6 Athlon MV-40 test 100% DALI2AMB8E0 04W3648 X131E CPU:E2-1800 AMD FRU TEST OK 90W IBM / X130e X131e X200s X200t X200i X201i X201s X201t X220i X220s NOKOTION 04Y1362 DA0LI2MB8F0 Edge E130 SR0U4 i3-2375M 11e Stylus Pen Digital Touch Black 4096 levels of pressure SD60M67358 01LW770 11E Gen(20HX 20J0) N3450 4G/32G 01HY378 DALI8IMB6D0 tested ok YOGA Core SR2Z6 Celeron 01HY363 Tested KoCoQin N3150 4G RAM 01AV966 DALI8BMB6H0 SR29F SR1YV N2940 DA0LI5MB6I0 SR2ZW I3-7100U 01HY359 01YT007 DALI8KMB8D0 Dock MST Dual HDMI Screen Display Hub, Docking Station HP Dell XPS English L440 L450 L460 T440S T431S T440P T450 T450S T460 E440 04Y0862 L470 100%New E14 R14 S3 Gen2 E15 R15 I5-6300U SR2F0 01AW336 BT462 NM-A581 X250 X260 X270 T550 T560 P50S W550S P50 P70 Web Camera 04X1400 Front Bezel X220 X230 Frame X220I X230I 04Y1854 LAS ES E580 E585 E590 E595 T590 P53S L580 L590 P52 P72 P53 P73 01YP570 01YP730 P51 P71 Touchpad Keys Mouse Pad Left and Right Click Button ClickPad PK37B00GA A285keyboard X395 X13 L13 notebook 01YP160 01YP040 T420 T420i 04Y1932 QM67 Fully FRU: 63Y1967 04Y1933 63Y1989 04W2045 63Y1697 universal IdeaPad Z475 Z480 Z485 Z500 Z510 Z560 Z565 Z570 Z575 Z580 Z585 CSMHY NEW Internal X240S 45N1110 45N1111 45N1112 24WH DE German A275 X230S 01EP036 01EN560 TH Thai T470 A475 T480 A485 Teclado 01HX452 01HX532 01HX492 Cool pattern shoulder bag 17.3 men briefcase 15 14 12 10 mac pro 13/asus/hp/lenovo thinkpad T430 I/O SUB CARD RJ45+USB 04W3690 01YN710 T490s T495s Backlight SN20R66042 02HM208 02HM280 Stickers Fit Skin Protector X250/X260/X270/X280 Vinyl Decal Sticker JIGU 42T5264 42T5262 42T4548 T616379 T61 7664 6480 T400 7417 R61 7754 NL Netherlands Dutch T410 T410S T420S T510 i T520 W510 W520 45N2230 Active Pressure Sensitive 260 W540 T540P W541 L540 L560 04Y2436 04Y2358 00HW028 4TH GEN 20FC 01AV441 01AV458 00HW029 01AV438 01AV409 01AV440 01AV410 01AV457 LMDTK L11L6Y01 L11M6Y01 L11N6R01 L11N6Y01 L11P6R01 E430 V480 V480c V480s B580 B590 11.1V 44Wh T400s T410s 42T4690 42T4691 42T4832 42T4833 51J0497 Charge ADLX65CCGU2A 5A10K78761 ADLX65CLGC2A GX20L29355 3.25 Supply New/orig shell Base Bottom Lower D E480 E485 01LW161 AP166000500 Skins 2021 E480/E485/E490/E495/E580/E585/E590/E595 Customize NoteBook Protecctive Films 13.3 Digitizer Panel 02HL707 02HL706 02HL714 5D10W87108 R133NVFC R7 R133NWF4 R5 14.0 FHD IPS Matrix (20N2 20N3 20RY 20RX 20Q9 20QH) 40 pins (Touch Version) german E540 E545 T540 W550s GR NO 40Y7001 40Y7003 42T4630 42T4776 X60 X61 X60S X61S 14.4V 75WH.