SAMD21G18 SAMD21 48MHZ Cortex M0 32 Bit Microcontroller Development Board Module Type-C Nano SPI Interface for Arduino ATMEGA16U2 Micro USB Atmega328 Atmega328P Strong Mini R3 For One NANO V3.0 1Set PIC PIC16F877A 12V DC JTAG Minimum System MAX3232 ISP IO ICSP Program Emulator 5V 24V 8/16 Channel Relay Shield with Optocoupler LM2576 Microcontrollers Power New original ATMEGA328PB - AU printing MEGA328PB -u QFP-32 patch QFP32 microcontroller chip 10sets/lot MAX7219 dot matrix module display finished goods Logic Analyzer 24M 8CH ARM FPGA Debug Tool 24Mhz, 16Mhz, 12Mhz, 8Mhz, 4Mhz, 2Mhz Pro ATmega328P 16M Kit Without Cable (5Pcs) 5PCS/lot OriginaI MB90F462APMC MB90F462A or MB90F462PMC MB90F463APMC MB90F463A LQFP-64 16-bit Proprietary 2021 Pi Pico Dual-core M0+ Processor 5pcs COP87L84EGM-XE COP87L84EGM COP87L84 Package SOP-28 Brand Original 1pcs/lot 100% STM32F072V8T6 STM32F072VBT6 Chip STM32L151CBT6 STM32L151 LQFP48 STM32F446ZCT6 STM32F446ZET6 genuine ATMEGA32A-PU 8 bit MCU 32KB In-system Flash 2.7V Patch STM32F103VET6 32-bit microcontrollers CORTEXM3 512 k flash LQFP 100 NEW Free shipping A new STM32F107VCT6 256K LQFP-100 read and write SD card mini_SD version SDV7M foolproof storage UART interface 10pcs to ESP8266 WIFI adapter board computer phone wireless communication development Atmel-ICE-C Powerful tool debugging programming Atmel SAM AVR ATMEL-ICE-PCBA inside Raspberry Board,Dual-Core Processor,133 MHz Operating Frequency a Low-Cost, High-Performance Flexible Digital Interfaces Orange H3 1G Quad-Core Support Ubuntu Linux Android PC Single Programming Atmega328p With (2Pcs Boards+2Pcs Cables) 2 Pcs Pro-Micro Atmega32u4 16Mhz Bootloadered IDE Micro-USB MAX7037EVKIT# RF Tools EVKIT of MAX7037, Sub-1GHz Multi-band SoC integrated Cortex-M M0518LD2AE (LQFP48) winder Heelight Multifunction Relays are based on STM32 without 5PCS ATMEGA8515L ATMEGA8515L-8AU QFP44 chips in stock Intelligent TFT LCD 320*240 Touch Panel Terminal Any 5Pcs/Lot Silk Screen M430f5503 16-Bit Mxy STM8L052C6T6 STM8L052 LQFP-48 16MHz/32KB memory/8-bit microcontroller-MCU 1PCS LPC1768FBD100 1768FBD100 LQFP100 ATMEGA328P-AU 8-bit 32K memory 32TQFP ATTINY13A-SSU package SOP8 authentic IC YUXINYUAN S3C2440AL-40 S3C2440AL S3C2440 BGA289 32-BIT CMOS MICROCONTROLLER 1pcs cytX C8051F350-GQR C8051F350 LQFP32 microcontroller, circuit 1PCS-1Fot 32F103C6T6A lqfp-4873mhz P87LPC762FD SOP-20 ORIGINAL Embedded STM32F103RCT6 256 k72mhz QFP quality 2PCS STM32F030K6T6 microprocessor, products 5 PCS/Lot ATTINY2313A-PU 2/4K Bytes In-System Programmable 1.8V-5.5V 20 10PCS PIC18F252-I/SO PIC18F252 18F252 SOP FLASH S9KEAZ128AMLH ARM16KB micro controller LQFP64 STM8L151K6T6 STM8L151 8-Bit 10Pcs-1Lot 5pcs/lot ATMEGA328P-PU CHIP ATMEGA328 20MHz DIP-28 DIP ATMEGA328P-U STM32F103RDT6 RET6 RFT6 RGT6 ,SMD GD32F103RCT6 STM8AF51AATC LQFP80 8AF51AATC 10pcs-1lot ATMEGA48PA-AU ATMEGA48 TQFP32 ATMEGA48V-10PU ,STM32F042F6P6 TSSOP-20 Cortex-M0 Ownice V1 V2 ADAS Car DVR Carmera Dash Cam Full HD1080P Video Recorder G-sensor Night Vision Dashcam accessories handheld rod interview go MAGCLIP Collar microphone Rode Wireless GO II Microphone Apple Carplay Ai Box Netfilx UX999 Auto Adapter Dongle Accessories 4G-64G Mazda Toyota Skoda Switch Blank RJ45 Mic Socket UHF Radio Pass Through Connector 128GB 10 Land Rover Discovery Sport Multimedia Player Navigation GPS 2Din Din Dvd Ulanzi Insta360 ONE R Plus Metal Cage Cold Shoe Fill Light Frame Protective Case Honda Civic 2005-2012-R Right MP5 RDS IPS Audio Stereo Speaker.