Taiwan Mean Well UHP-500-48 110V/220V AC TO DC 48V 10.45A 501.6W Single Output Switching Power Supply Active Type PFC Driver Original APC-8 Series meanwell 250mA/350mA/500mA/700mA Constant current 8W LED mean well 45.6W 24V 1.9A PCB MPS-45-24 Meanwell open frame Medical type LRS-150F-24 24VDC/6.5A/156W online store MeanWell 200W 8.4A SP-200-24 CE UL TUV CB wholesale Built-in active function MEAN WELL RSP-320-5 5V 60A 300W 200-240VAC single output switching power supply p2p2.5p3p3.91p4p4.81p5p5.95p6p6.67p8p10 Industrial ERDN20-5/12/24/48V 20A chassis enclosed redundant module OK Ceramic artist watercolor palette 9 Wells Rectangle Shape gouache ceramic Acrylic paint tray oil painting supplies Manufacturer black diamond carbide DTH bit/DTH Drill Bits For Impactors/Mining coal mining/well drilling drill bit 6pcs PP Space Saving Art Supplies Professional DIY 10 Kids Adults Paint Pallet With Thumb Hole Stackable Reusable Washable Flicker free constant ODLC-65-1400 64.4W 1400mA 34~46V 0~10VDC/PWM signal dimming LPF-40-20 40W 2A 20V led waterproof IP67 with for lighting LRS-75-5 LRS-75-12 LRS-75-15 LRS-75-24 LRS-75-36 LRS-75-48 75W EPS-45-48 1A 48W EPS-45 MEANWELL HLN-80H-48B 1.7A 81.6W suitable and moving sign application 16W PCD-16 phase-cut dimmable driver 700mA 220VAC input SMPS 350mA 1050mA EPS-45-24 45W LPP-100-15 6.7A 100W 15V LPP-100 lights long strip indoor voltage transformer household 12 volt low light HLG-100H-36A 36V 2.65A Waterproof adjustable RD-125-4824 144W Dual 110/220VAC To 0-2.5A 0-4A RT-65C AC/DC 65W -15V 65.5W Triple 5VDC/14A/70W HLG-185H-C1050A 95~190V A PLC-60-15 60w 15v 4a Transformers Adapter Strip HDR-15-24 0.63A 15.2W Ultra Slim Step DIN Rail LRS-200-3.3 3.3V/40A/132W EDR-120-24 5A 120W RAIL Switch LPHC-18-350 18W 6-48V UHP-200R-48 48V/4.2A Fanless design 201.6W EPS-35-24 1.5A 36W 24v lig HLG-480H-24A 480W street GST25B018-P1J 25W 18V 1.38A desktop Adaptor Interface 5.5mm*2.1mm ELG-100-C700B 71 ~ 143V ELG-100-C HDR-150-48 85-264VAC to 3.2A 153.6W Voltage Adjustable HDR-100-12N 12V 7.5A 90W ELG-75-42B 1.8A 42V ELG-75 B S-3000-24 digital display DRT-240-24 10A 240W Three Phase HLN-80H-54A 54V 81W HRPG-450-12 450W 37.5A consumption HRPG-300 series Function MDR-20-5 3A 15W MDR-20 20W Din ac-dc 110V 220V laboratory LRS-200W 3.3V 4.2V Lab Bench Unit LRS-200-3.3/4.2/5/12/15/24/36/48 0-40A DR-15 rail mounted slim size ac dc LRS-100-24 24V4.5A Replaceable NES / RS AC100V-240V DC24V Transformer Equipment Aluminum Housing original 7707 P6 550 44V4951 44v3559 44v5185 44V7292 74Y5811 used tested ELGC-300-H-AB Current High 29~56V 5600mA RSP-320-27 27V 11.9A RSP-320 321.3W 75pcs 221 Electrical Connectors Wire Block Clamp Terminal Cable Mini Quick Home Connector HSC8 6-4A ferrule Crimping Pliers 0.25-10MM² wire crimper tool Stripper Hand Ferrule Crimp set Plier KIT With1200 Terminals 640PCS Heat Shrink Solder & Butt - 640x 280Pcs boxed Assorted Spade Insulated Ring Fork Set Lugs Rolled Kit 20/50sets 3.5 bullet terminal car electrical connector diameter 3.5mm Male + Female 1 : 4 AWG22-10Copper Tinned Splice Sleeve Bare Tool I-Type Wiring ABS Junction Box 80A/1000V 120A/1000V 150A/1000V.